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Hello Clarksburg Yoga Friends,

I have lots to share here, please read!!  It has been quite the journey over the past 2 years. Starting a business within the community that I love, and that I am raising my children in, has been an amazing dream come true. Now another
journey begins!
When I took the leap into opening the studio, it was just that…a huge jump, out of my comfort zone, tosee if one of the dreams on my bucket list was actually going to happen.
My goal with the space was selfishly, to have a place where I’d have people to practice with. I practice better with support and friends holding me accountable, home practice is HARD. I just wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t intimidating, easy to get to and comfortable. That was it, the main goal. My hope was that others would want that too and join me.  I have been so inspired by the friends I’ve been lucky enough to practice with. The studio has turned into the place that I hoped it would be. Familiar faces, community support, great conversation, no pressure to ‘perform’ and just plain ole’ practice!
As we continued to grow, I began to realize there was still so much I wanted to do, and not many hours in a day! I needed help! I can not even begin to tell you how supportive Nancy, Tanya and Ariana have been through this process, I am so incredibly fortunate and lucky to have crossed paths with those women, and to have them as friends and with me on this journey.
Through the brainstorming process, the idea came up to partner.
I am so excited to announce that Ariana Kamprad (Monday night’s instructor!) will now be my partner and part owner of Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness!
Ariana is coming with lots of ideas, enthusiasm and knowledge of the studio and practice. She knows the space, having taught with us from just about day 1! She understands the needs of our practitioners and is invested in the Clarksburg community.
What does that mean?! We will be adding to our amazing team of instructors. Both Tanya and Nancy will continue with their yoga and Pilates classes! We will be adding more classes, more opportunities to practice and more community involvement! We’ll be adjusting the schedule to allow for additional classes as we start to bring in a few new instructors. You’ll also have chance to practice out and about within the community!
Additionally, our family and kids classes will now be offered at various locations within the community. I will be sending details out shortly on how to follow those opportunities. Classes will be within my home studio, at a local community center and retail center. I will also have offerings in area schools and childcare centers! You can follow Yogativity Clarksburg on Facebook for upcoming events and
classes.  To make the studio the best it can be, we want your feedback and we want you to help us make this your home studio.

So please keep your eyes out for some new specials, classes and events. We have lots brewing and can’t wait to share!!
Congratulations to Ariana and I am SO excited to start this new journey!

Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness

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