Survey results!

Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness Community Friends,

You spoke, we’re listening! We had an overwhelming response to our survey that was sent out earlier this month. We are so grateful to everyone that took the time to answer all our questions thoughtfully and honestly. I wanted to share some of the feedback we received!

• Most of our yoga communities live within 10 miles of the studio.
• We enjoy a Gentle and Restorative practice but also want some Power and Flow.
• Evenings and weekend mornings seem to work well.
• Schedules, Friendliness and Convenience are the most important factors when deciding where to practice.
• We are busy! Work schedules, children’s activities and life obligations make getting to an in-studio class challenging.
• Things that we can do better are to offer more class times, evening classes, a larger open space and expanded offerings.

Here are some of the initial steps we’re taking.

We’ve partnered with Metropolitan Ballet Theatre to offer classes within their brand new space in Clarksburg! This gives us the opportunity to use a larger studio, within a more open space, that is not three flights upstairs. Initially, we will be offering the larger workshops and series based classes there but hope to add if there is demand!

We will be adding additional classes on the evenings and on Sunday mornings! Keep the time suggestions coming as we figure out what works best for you.

We know life is busy! We’re finding ways to help you with your wellness journey that does not require you to come into the studio multiple days a week! We’ve developed a few programs to teach within workplaces, schools (for the teachers!) and home based wellness parties. If you think any of these would be a better fit for you, call us and let’s get you started!

Continue to share your feedback with me, this is the only way I can make sure we’re meeting your needs. I’m a mom of 2 active kids, Clarksburg Village resident of 10+ years, cheerleading-gymnastics-baseball-quarter midget race car parent, Girl Scout co-leader and employee!! I know how crazy things get and how precious my own spare time can be! I will do all I can to make sure your experience with us is a valuable and worthwhile use of your time.


Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness LLC ; 301-795-4195

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