Establishing a home practice and routine.

Summer means lazy days, no schedule and plans on a whim for my family.  Working from home is hard, a quiet house is non-existent and there seems to be constant chaos.  My daily meditation practice was a challenge, although not one I ever missed.  It was a struggle to find the quiet time.  Some days my time was interrupted with arguments, complaining or simply cries of boredom (from my children).  Now that school is starting back up, finding routine seems more obtainable and desperately needed.

Whenever anyone asks, I tell them to practice wherever you can, whenever you can.  It could be the parking lot, bed, library or closet floor.  If you find yourself with a few moments, take advantage.  Break the habit of the mindless scroll through social media, and use that time to find a few moments of silence to check in with yourself.

I’m typically not one for a strict schedule due to my lifestyle, the unpredictability of my day and simply the pressure however this Fall I am going to try.  I do much better with a  morning meditation practice, it sets the tone for my day.  So without saying, I must meditate at 9AM each day, I’m going to try to meditate between school drop-off and lunchtime.  As far as my asana practice, I was slowing down.  The constant chaos was draining my energy to do anything, so my practice was hard.  Now, my goal is to plan my practice before I begin and make sure that I add elements that I have been wanting to work on.  That too will be during the morning, but not at a specific time.  We’ll see how this new plan goes, regardless it must happen daily.    Here are some tips for creating a regular home practice.  If you have one, let us know what works best for you.



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