Finding balance and accepting change.

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Hello Clarksburg Yoga Community,

When we started almost 10 years ago, classes took place in the neighborhood community clubhouse.  A group of friends, neighbors and community members practicing and learning together.  We then moved to the attic in the historic Gardner House and continued to grow, introducing others to the practice we all love.  With growth, things got busier, not only with the studio, but within my personal life.  Figuring out how to ‘do it all’ while still being available for my kids was starting to take its toll.  This was forcing me to make some unwanted sacrifices.  The balance of work and family is not something I’ve been able to get the hang of and the stress of being many places at once was starting to show.  After much thought, and advice from mentors, I’ve realized that a thriving yoga community in Clarksburg was important to me and in order for that growth to continue, I needed to make a change and not hold things back.

I began to talk more openly about my challenges, one person in particular had been exploring the possibility of change in her own life which included yoga studio ownership.  Long story short, the stars were aligned and Maureen McAllister was ready to take on the challenge.

I am so very sad, but super excited for the Clarksburg Yoga community that I love.  I will be transitioning the studio to Maureen over the next couple months starting February 1st!  She has fresh ideas, passion for  the practice and a dedication to our community.   This is an exciting time for the studio.

I will still be in the community, teaching in the schools, community centers and workplaces.  I’ll be expanding my studies to include other movement modalities that work cohesively with yoga and of course continuing to share mindfulness practices.  I will still be apart of this amazing community that I live in.  As we continue to transition, please share any feedback, questions and changes you’d like to see.

With that change, although the scales will never be even, I hope things balance out for my family and I.  Thank you for your dedication to the practice and support of the studio, this adventure has been a dream come true.  I’ll see you on the mat OR maybe even sooner out and about within the community at Harris Teeter, Passion Nails, Villa Maya or Dunkin’!

Take care and keep practicing,


Hello Everyone!

I am extremely excited to be back and reintegrated with the Clarksburg community! Some of you may know me from my past Saturday morning classes. 🙂 I have always felt welcome and supported at Clarksburg and hope I can extend those same feelings to you as we grow together on our yoga journeys. As I become more involved in the community during this transition, I would love to get to know you as practitioners and hear what your visions are for the studio.

I particularly enjoy the coziness offered by the current space and the intimacy it affords teachers and practitioners. Clarksburg has a great team of teachers in place who care about their students and really LIVE yoga. Kathy and I hope to expand upon this by adding a new series of teachers and classes to the schedule (specifically Gentle, Restorative, and Vinyasa during the mornings and evenings—as requested!). Also adding variety classes, such as–Zen Barre, aerial yoga, Hatha yoga, and more workshops and retreats! As we expand our community, I will be seeking another space we can potentially build to support larger classes and workshops.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be in India exploring my own yoga practice. When I get back we plan to hit the ground running. The more feedback I receive from you during this process, the more easily I can give you what you need! Please don’t hesitate to seek me out. 🙂



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