Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness began with the Clarksburg community coming together once a week to practice in the clubhouse.  We soon learned that there were others that wanted to practice too, but didn’t have access to the community neighborhood amenities.  We also had tons of kids exploring the practice and needed a place to go!

We found the Gardner House in Historic Clarksburg.  Again, keeping the practice within the community.  The studio space was in need of some extreme TLC and we were more than excited to take on the challenge.  The space has unique character only an old home can offer.  The space is intimate and cozy which is perfect for getting to know your fellow practitioners, teachers and friends.

We want each class to feel comfortable.  A no judgement zone.  Come as you are, as you need to be.  Come to practice.  We offer small class sizes, intentionally.  We want you to experience the practice and ask questions.  Get to know those around you.

Enjoy the journey.

Kathy Smith
200 hr E-RYT – Owner

Kathy began her yoga journey 15 years ago taking classes for a good stretch in-between fitness activities. An avid runner and triathlete, Kathy used her yoga asana practice to help soothe and stretch her muscles after long runs and competitive events. Not only did Kathy find several benefits from her asana practice, she also learned that yoga was helpful when raising her two small children.

Kathy graduated in August 2012 from the Inner Reaches Yoga Teacher Training, with Dee Gold earning her 200 hr RYT.  She holds certifications from Radiant Child, Levels 1-3, Kids Power Yoga & YoKid.

Ariana Kamprad
200 hr RYT – Owner

Ariana began practicing yoga 7 years ago and quickly found herself wanting to deepen her practice! She received her RYT 200 hour certification specializing in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga in 2015 and continues grow her education with training in Yin Yoga and prenatal yoga. Yoga has become a very calming influence and has offered her a sense of contentment and compassion that has been life changing. She looks forward to sharing this through each one of her classes to help students grow through both body and mind.


Nancy Poole
500 hr RYT

Not a Competitive Athlete -Nancy was “that girl” standing in the outfield
wincing every time a ball came in her direction. Yoga became her safe place
and has continued to show her strength and balance as life grew more complicated.
Self acceptance and compassion are the cornerstones of her practice.
Nancy is certified with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher.
Her training with YogaFit Worldwide includes certifications in Yoga Therapy,Meditation,
and Balancing Moods with Yoga. Certified as a Personal Trainer with AFAA as well as
Pilates Mat Beginning and Advanced. She welcomes every opportunity to share Yoga with others.

Charlsie Sienkwicz
200 hr RYT

Charlsie  took her first yoga class at Montgomery College and instantly fell in love with the practice. She soon thereafter pursued her 200-hour certification from Thrive Yoga in Rockville. Yoga has helped her cope with many life struggles, find strength and balance, and learn to s-l-o-w down; both on and off the mat. Though first attracted to yoga for the physical benefits, with her natural curiosity for the metaphysical world, it did not take long for Charlsie to experience the true power of yoga.

julie heatherly
200 hr RYT

Julie started her yoga journey like many, for the physical aspect of the asana practice. She soon became aware there was so much more to yoga. She has embraced the spirituality and philosophy of her yoga practice. Her classes, while flow in nature, also concentrate on the mindfulness of the practice. Her goal as a teacher is to pass on not just the asana practice but yoga as a whole. She loves to practice with sense of fun and positive energy. She continues to study the practice of yoga for her own self-awareness – svadhyaya.

Liz Phelan
500 hr RYT

Liz came home to yoga in 2000 and has played through practice ever since. She completed her 500 hour RYT certification in 2015, and always a student first, continues to study with teachers who inspire her. Her classes hold space for however students show up; starting with a strong foundation puts beginners at ease as her classes move through variations that challenge athletes and invite the advanced student to find a fresh perspective on their practice.

In her own practice, Liz plays with breath, mindfulness and movements that help her keep up with her three thriving boys, balancing playfulness and creativity with surrender and ease.

Daniela Shore
200 hr RYT

Daniela has been practicing yoga and meditation for about four years and received her 200 hour teaching certification with Lifepower last year. She loves to share her passion for the importance of breath and intention with everyone. A simple quote she learned from one of her favorite teachers that she continues to live by and shares in every class is “Breathe! Just Breathe!” She is particularly inspired to practice and teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga but is learning all she can about every style she comes in contact with, and aspires to become a 500 hour RYT within the next couple of years. When Daniela is not on the mat, she can be found enjoying time with her young daughter, and two dogs.

maureen mcallister
500 hr RYT

Maureen loves to use science and psychology to enhance the more esoteric components of yogic practice. Everyone is given the freedom to explore their individual inner and outer worlds on the mat, while enjoying a peaceful community atmosphere in a safe space. Classes feature unique and creative sequences with focus upon the breath and meditation to promote stress relief, balance, and tranquility in mind, body, and spirit.

mallory mlynarek
200 hr RYT

Mallory started practicing yoga in 2009, but became much more involved in 2013 after experiencing the powerfully healing benefits of her continued practice. She received her 200 hr certificate through Inner Reaches Yoga and Health and began gaining experience teaching yoga to preteen girls. She also recently completed a Yin yoga teacher training at Coastal Retreat in Easton, MD. Mallory believes slowing down and going deeper within oneself through yoga can have transformational benefits such as aiding in chronic pain relief and liberation of certain emotional difficulties. She has great respect for the natural world and enjoys gardening, wildlife spotting, hiking, and teaching environmental education to elementary students. Mallory is excited to begin sharing the healing benefits of yoga with her students.

laurA lacy
500 hr RYT, prenatal specialty

Laura started practicing yoga when she was pregnant with her first child.  Yoga really spoke to her and she found that even though she had gone for the physical benefits she kept going back because of the mental ones.  In 2013 she completed her 200 hour training and began to teach prenatal, vinyasa and hatha yoga. She loves connecting with her students and especially women during their pregnancies to make them feel stronger, more confident, relaxed and present.  You can expect a balance of heat building flow, breathing and mediation exercises in Laura‘s classes.

sierra garrett
500 hr E-RYT

Sierra has been practicing yoga and meditation for almost 10 years and teaching for 5. She has studied with Maty Ezraty, founder of Yogaworks, and has been featured in Mantra Wellness magazine. Her guidance is infused with humanness, playfulness, and heart. She leads practitioners to their path of rediscovering innate peace, stability, and freedom; teaching you to be adaptable to life’s changes, while staying grounded. When she’s not teaching, Sierra enjoys studying tarot, astrology, & subtle body energy, playing with kittens, getting lost in a new city, and sweating in a high intensity workout.