Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness began with the Clarksburg community coming together once a week to practice in the clubhouse.  We soon learned that there were others that wanted to practice too, but didn’t have access to the community neighborhood amenities.  We also had tons of kids exploring the practice and needed a place to go!

We found the Gardner House in Historic Clarksburg.  Again, keeping the practice within the community.  The studio space was in need of some extreme TLC and we were more than excited to take on the challenge.  The space has unique character only an old home can offer.  The space is intimate and cozy which is perfect for getting to know your fellow practitioners, teachers and friends.

We want each class to feel comfortable.  A no judgement zone.  Come as you are, as you need to be.  Come to practice.  We offer small class sizes, intentionally.  We want you to experience the practice and ask questions.  Get to know those around you.

Enjoy the journey.