Kindness Knocks

November 13th is World Kindness Day and we’re challenging YOU not only to originate kindness on Tuesday, but also to spread the spirit of our “Kindness Lives Here” initiative.

Here’s how it works but Shhhh…its a secret!

Put together a small gift or nice note for a neighbor or friend and be sure to include a copy of the door sign and instructions.

Secretly, drop off your kindness gift and/or note on their doorstep.  No need to tell them who it is from, that’s part of the fun surprise!

That’s it!  You’ve now sprinkled unexpected kindness on someone.  It’s their turn to pay it forward.

Here are some suggestions.
  • A nice note about their garden or holiday decorations.
  • Certificate for a coffee or special treat.
  • Book, journal or magazine.
  • A mug with a tea bag.
  • A card to brighten their day.
  • Gift bag with fun surprises.

We want this to be a special experience so please keep a few things in mind as you drop off your tokens of kindness.

Don’t drop off your note late at night, super early in the morning or at anytime the person receiving your gift would be sleeping.

Be respectful of the person’s property, landscaping and lawn.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Printing in Color? Use these signs:
Kindness Door Sign Color
Kindness Instructions Color
Printing in Black and White? Use these signs:
Kindness Door Sign Grayscale
Kindness Instructions Grayscale